From David our moderator


From the Moderator

This week we were turning off London Road when two young people met us. They were bubbling over with excitement.  They told us that they had just seen a fox. It was on the path right in front of them. “Just there".

The fox had gone by the time we arrived of course, they don't tend to hang around to give autographs.  But never mind, with today’s technology the proof of the fox was in the phone. They had taken a photo.

A squirrel regularly walks along the fence separating our house and our neighbours, I guess squirrels on fences are not as rare as foxes on paths, but still it is exciting to watch it navigate delicately between the gardens. But by the time someone else comes to see, the fence is deserted.

As I thought about how excited the young people were at seeing this fox, I was reminded of all the times that people tried to get a glimpse of Jesus.

There was Zacchaeus in his Jericho tree hide, Matthew in his tax office, Peter in his fishing boat, those Greek tourists in Jerusalem, the Roman centurion, and so many more.

Then of course there were all those mysterious resurrection appearances in the six weeks or so after he was crucified. According to Paul literally hundreds of eye witnesses, in a whole variety of settings.

Unfortunately, just as neither the fox on the path nor the squirrel on the fence chose to stay around for others to see, Jesus is no longer around for you and I to see, however we do have lots of the excited witness statements of those who were there when he was around. Moreover, although smartphones were not available at the time to take a quick snapshot, we have all those contemporary accounts and descriptions of the things that Jesus did and said.

So just as I am sure that there really was a fox on London Road, and a squirrel on the fence, so I am certain that Jesus lived, died and rose again, with all the momentous implications this has for me and the world.

That being said, John says that one day “every eye shall see Him”, and on that day there will be no need for snapshots or witness statements. Won't that be an exciting day?

Yours in Christ