From David our moderator


The other day I was looking through the 3000-year-old story of the building of Solomon’s temple and I came across a curious verse. 2 Chronicles 3.9  The gold nails weighed fifty shekels. It is easy to miss but I noticed it and the more I thought about it the more that verse seemed to me a picture of some important things.


First of all, why mention the nails at all, the whole passage is full of grand projects. The ceiling overlaid with Gold, the grand porch, The sculptures of the Cherubim, the crimson purple and linen wall-hangings and so on.

But in the middle the writer describes the nails. Why? It is because nails are very important. They are small, they are hidden in the fabric of the building, but without them the building would fall down. They help to keep much heavier things in their places, and they hold all things together.

That says do not imagine however weak and small you might seem that you are unimportant to God, every nail is important.


Secondly a nail might seem a small and simple thing but in fact like all such things it is a marvel of design.

It has to be straight otherwise the force of the hammer would not be transmitted to the point and the nail would not go in. It has to have a point otherwise all the energy of the hammer would have no effect, and it needs a head to hold one thing to another.

So it is with you and I. We may seem ordinary but God has made us for his purpose. We each have a place in God’s plan and we are fashioned for that


Finally, the third thing about these particular nails were that they were made of gold. It seems that Solomon wanted his temple nails to be the very best available to him, nails that would never rust. And that takes us from Solomon’s temple to a very different temple.

Jesus said on one occasion that his own body was the temple of The Holy Spirit, and though it would be destroyed as they nailed him to the cross, three days after he would rise from the dead, a temple this time that could never be destroyed.

Iron nails fastened Jesus to the cross, in order that risen with Him you and I, might be gold nails in his new temple the eternal body of Christ.


Every Blessing