From our Moderator


As the New Year opened the BBC reported that some people saw a meteor race across the sky. I have sometimes seen the Meteors we call the Perseids and as a teenager I recall being astonished one very early morning at the sight of a comet, it made a lasting impression on me.


Years ago I was walking through a wood with a friend of mine, when my friend noticed quite unexpectedly an owls nest with fluffy chicks inside, we kept well away so as not to disturb it, and just enjoyed the moment.


A couple of weeks ago we were walking through Stanwick Lakes when someone pointed across one of the lakes through the trees and said:” Look a shoveller Duck!” Until that moment I had never noticed it, and had it not been pointed out, along with the shape of its beak, I would have completely missed it.


Have you ever leaned over the parapet of a bridge, and noticed the flash of silver that revealed a fish in the water, or looked up and seen the flash of blue that was a kingfisher?

Have you ever stopped and really looked at the stars on a dark night, and thought of all those vast nuclear furnaces unimaginable distance away?


Have you ever stumbled upon something unexpectedly, and it has made your day?

It seems that God has surrounded us with a world of wonderful things to see and hear, to taste and smell, but very often because we are so busy with other matters, or have grown so used to the world, we miss most of them entirely.


Jesus tells a story of a man who was out walking when he stumbled across, a hoard of treasure hidden in a field. Jesus of course was talking about the treasure of eternal life that God had put into the field of the world in His own presence. He was trying to draw people’s attention to the life changing gifts of forgiveness, healing, life and hope that some stumble on but so many seem to miss.


But that aside I wonder whether that man as day after day he walked through the field had noticed that every year God had filled that field with treasure, in the crops that grew there and the seeds from which they grew. The birds that flew by, the tiny creatures that lived under his feet, and countless other, precious things so easily overlooked.


Perhaps if we paid more attention we might catch glimpses of glory, hear the whispers of angels and notice the gold and silver in the treasure filled world that God has given to us.


May God bless you and keep you ever in his hand