From David, our Moderator


Opposite our house in London Road is a large field. We regularly walk the dog on the path alongside the field. Each year the farmer seems to grow a different crop. One year it was grain; another it was oilseed rape. Each year we wonder what the crop might be and as usual this year as we walked around the field at the beginning of the year, we speculated on what might be growing there.

As the shoots began to show, we thought it might be turnips, as those shoots developed we thought perhaps cabbages.  Now all is revealed the field is planted with beans. Row after row of short sturdy bean plants stretching into the distance, each covered in beautiful cream and brown flowers, giving off a heady scent.

A few weeks earlier Lynda had noticed in the far corner of the field a group of beehives, presumably their purpose is to pollinate the crop.  It struck me, that the bees have a mammoth task. They have literally millions of flowers to pollinate, so that later in the year the beans can be harvested.

As we looked across the field to the hives, I said with a sense of awe, “How do they do it?" Lynda said wryly, “One at a time".

That may be obvious, but actually it hides a very important principle that is at the heart of the church.

This is the season of Pentecost when the church celebrates the spreading of the good news of eternal life by those first Christians, and God's gift to them and us of His Holy Spirit. We sometimes call Pentecost the birthday of the church. Originally it was a harvest celebration and its symbol is the “tongues of fire”, that rested on those early followers of Jesus, inspiring them to tell the world of Gods love with their own “tongues of fire".

Maybe the bee is a good illustration of how the church that started with a handful of Jewish men and women has grown into the vast fellowship we have today. Just as the bee visits each flower, we share the good news with friends and family “one at a time". We hear the good news “one at a time". We respond to the call of God “one at a time", and the Spirit of God visits each of us personally “One a time".  It seems a mammoth task, and in our day of mass media a slow and inefficient process. But one day all will be revealed and the results of all those “one at a time " visits will be the great harvest celebration that Jesus promised.

Yours in Christ