From David, our Moderator


We have a wormery in the garden into which we put all the kitchen waste, to be turned by the industrious worms into rich dark compost and a brown liquid fertilizer that goes by the off-putting term of “worm leachate”.


The other day I was wandering down there with our bucket full of kitchen waste. I noticed on the way that the garden is bursting into spring life. The snowdrops have gone, but we still have the odd daffodil along with Hyacinths, anemones, crocuses and hellebores and other flowers. Wherever I looked there was something either in flower or about to flower.


I lifted the wormery lid and tipped the bucket into its depths. What a difference, flowers full of life and colour, compost dead and drab. Leaves out in the open, compost hidden in the shadows.

Flowers make the garden live, compost is only what is left after life has gone.


As I wandered back, I thought “No! that is only the way it seems, not the way it really is. The compost is the key to the garden’s future.  Year after year I throw all our waste, all our rubbish, and all the dead things into either the compost bins or the wormery, and just leave it all there. Miraculously while I sleep, and go about my work, it is transformed into rich living soil, full of energy and nutrients, and a powerful liquid fertilizer. that gives the garden its life the following year.


Which comes first, compost or flowers?  Without the compost, there would be no flowers. The life of the flowers, comes from the compost heap, their beautiful colours come from its transforming power.


This month the church celebrates Easter. The climax is Easter Sunday with its resurrection joy. But prior to Easter Sunday we have the week leading to Good Friday when we remember the terrible death of Jesus and the seeming waste of his life.  Following that we have the Sunday we call Low Sunday that leads into the rest of the year.


What a thought, a compost bin of a week both before and after the glorious flowering of resurrection Day.


Not a bit of it! In a special sense it is more the other way round.

Just as the compost comes before the flowers , on that first Good Friday, all our rubbish, all our failure, all our hurts were tipped onto Jesus.

He was thrown into the depths of that grave, like a bunch of dead flowers are thrown into a compost bin or a wormery to rot away.


However, on the Sunday, He was not there he was risen, the first green shoots of a new life.

Equally important for us, all our rubbish through him is transformed into life and colour from now on. The cross is not the end of the Christian life; it is the beginning of the growing season for Christians. The cross is where we start.


So It’s not so much low week, it’s the start of the green shoots of discipleship that will lead higher and higher, to more flowers and fruit in the future.


I love Spring, But I also love Summer, with its flowers, and Autumn with its fruits. And Whilst It’s wonderful to know that Christ has died for me, and risen from the dead. It’s just as wonderful to know that now he is transforming me, he goes before me and he is with me into the future.

Paul says:

you were once darkness, but now you are light in the Lord. So live as children of light Ephesians 5.8

Happy Easter

Yours in Christ