From the moderator


It was the first match of the season, the home team were really on form, the stadium was packed to capacity with shouting fans and tickets had completely sold out weeks before.

However, one of the best seats was empty. In the seat next to it a woman sat cheering and shouting along with the crowd.


At half time the man next to her expressed surprise that the seat was not taken this being such an important match and he wondered whose seat it might have been.

The woman said. “It belonged to my husband” He bought season tickets for us both.

The man was curious and said “Why is he not here?”


She said “Oh! He died”


The man then said, “Well why didn’t one of his family or his friends come in his place?”


She said, “I did offer it to them, but they preferred to go to the funeral!”


We have at last reached Easter the central celebration of the church year. The time we remember the terrible death of Jesus on Good Friday.


I wonder if you have ever noticed that there is something missing in the whole Easter narrative.

It is of course the funeral. There is no funeral. There wasn’t even the opportunity to prepare the body in the traditional way.  The family and friends of Jesus were catapulted straight from the crucifixion into the future. No service, No eulogy, No procession, from synagogue to grave, no gathering after a funeral for a meal.


It was as though like the woman in the story, they went straight to the opening match of a new season to see the home team play against the opposition.


And well they might. After all, why would they need a funeral, the grave was empty, there was no body, and the deceased was alive and well. Moreover, in a few weeks at Pentecost, Jesus would again take up the seat beside them. So the whole of the new season was in front of them, and they were on the winning side.


Happy Easter

Every Blessing