Our Moderator is Rev’d David Shaw  

David leads two morning services a month, chairs the Church and Deacon’s meetings, and is available for pastoral help and visiting.

David writes about himself.

Both Lynda and I grew up in industrial Lancashire lived in the same village and went to the same school, we both went to Durham University and read Physics we both were baptised and became members of Durham Baptist Church and were married in an independent Methodist church in Lancashire. We have two children, Matthew and Rebecca, and five Grandchildren. I was called into the ministry and began to take services in the local village churches around Durham whilst working as a labourer in a local factory in order to save the money for ministerial training. I trained at Spurgeon’s college, completing a London BD. and also acted as assistant to the Mayday Hospital Chaplain. Whilst at college I did chaplaincy training at Redhill General Hospital and spent 18 months working with the London city mission in Camberwell reception centre for homeless men. Our first church was in Redcar in the North East where we spent seven and a half very happy years, after which we moved to Cleveleys (North end of Blackpool). There we spent some 30 years. During that time, I also became chaplain to the local Hospice, work that I loved, particularly in the children’s unit. At Cleveleys we had extremely good ecumenical relationships, all the local ministers met for prayer each week in our church vestry. During that time, I had the privilege of serving on both the North West Association and Baptist Union Councils. I retired from Cleveleys and we moved down to live in Raunds two years ago.