What is the Shared Church

What we believe    

Our Mission Statement 

Baptism and membership


What is the Shared Church?

The Church is a member of the Baptist Union of Great Britain.


The Shared Church came into being when the Baptist and Methodist congregations entered into a formal ‘Church Premises Sharing Agreement’. Regular combined services, held alternately in the Baptist and Methodist buildings, had taken place since 1975 and in 1995, following much discussion and heart-searching, a decision was made to close the Methodist building and combine the two congregations in the Baptist building. In 2007 the two memberships combined within the Baptist Church and we all made this:

Declaration of Ecumenical Welcome and Commitment:-

We at the Shared Church wish to extend a warm welcome to Christians from other traditions who live nearby and want to be a part of our worshipping community.

We invite you to play a full part in our worship and witness in this community and furtherb afield, and add your unique contribution to the life of Christ's people here.


         -  in worship and in HolyCommunion

         -  in ministry and outreach

         -  in using your personal giftings

         -   in contributing the riches from your worship traditions

         -   in giving and receiving pastoral care

         -   and in decision making as a member of Ringstead Baptist Church


What we believe

That the living God is active in the world through his Holy Spirit.

That God revealed Himself through the words of the Bible and through Jesus Christ

That knowing Jesus personally makes a real difference in the world.

Our Mission Statement

 ‘Seeking to know God through Jesus and make His love known in our community’


Our Vision - 10 Foundations

1.     To glorify God in worship and lifestyle & grow spiritually with the Bible as our guide.

2.     To be a people of prayer.

3 .    To encourage more people of all ages to be part of church life.

4.     To identify, develop and release spiritual gifts.

5.     To communicate effectively.

6.     To maintain and develop church buildings so that they are fit for the 21st century.

7.     To commit to regular financial support of the church, including paid  ministry,  and others. 8.     To acknowledge and support other Christian groups and denominations.

9.     To be visible and actively engaged in our local community

10.   To be actively concerned for national society and global issues.


As we have made this commitment we will seek to measure all aspects of our church life against these aims.


Baptism and Membership

We welcome new members.  Those transferring from another church can do so by a letter of transfer, in accordance with the Constitution.


Believers Baptism is arranged as required with those who wish to make this public declaration of commitment to Christ. Requests for Infant Dedication for a family who wish to give thanks for the gift of a child should be discussed with the minister.


Our Communion Table is open to all who love and serve the Lord Jesus Christ. If you do not wish to receive the bread and wine, please feel free to remain among us during this part of the service without partaking of the elements.